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Makan Dey - Programmer and Designer

Information about me

My name is Makan Dey. I can't really say what I am because it really depends on the way someone would look at it. In my opinion, I would say that I am an student, entrepeneur, programmer, and designer. There are many reasons in which why I say that, I go to school, I used to own a small business, and I like to program and design websites/software.

Programming languages

I am experimenting with a lot of programming languages to learn about one and stick to learning it at the max I can. I do know a bit of languages on the side that I know the basics and a bit about. The languages I know at a good level and that I am learning now is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I use these languages to design and make functional sites, I can make basic games, design a website from scratch (like this one), make scripts to make JavaScript easier, and etc. Other languages I used to learn and know the basics of is VB.NET and Batch. I used to learn VB.NET years ago when I made small softwares like mini browsers, text editors, and more. I know some Batch for running commands and doing admistrative tasks. Other languages I do want to learn and will be trying as soon as I master these current ones are Java, Python, C, C++, and C#.

My history

It all started years ago when I started learning VB.NET on my own using YouTube. I was just alone and learned everything on my own back then and stored them on my tiny website. Later on I found a couple people and we started a mini business together testing out things here and there. I wasn't expecting it to get to big because I was just testing everything, it grew from there on in which then we started going into the hosting industry and owned a hosting business. It wasn't that big as it had >100 clients in a 2 year span, but I would say again, it was a test company. After it broke down when I learned almost everything I could, I moved onto meeting more new people and working on increasing my programming from then on. Now here I am, working on Github projects and owning smaller sites. I don't know if I would be ready to start a real company any time soon where most would be taken seriously, but I am considering it. I am actually waiting until I am a bit older so that I can start that again and see how big we can get.

This is pretty much it. I will be filling this with more sections and information as I go on!